Mountain Biking in the BC Rockies

Mountain Biking in British Columbia

Mountain Biking in the BC Rockies

This very spectacular region of British Columbia that sits between the Rocky Mountains and the Purcells is spectacular to look at with excellent mountain biking throughout the area.

In Fernie, mountain biking is done using a number of the old road and rail beds from the coal mining days, trails include the Coal Creek Trail, The Fernie Classic, Hartley Lake, The Moccasin, Sherwoody Forest, La Bamba and Bear Chutes.

Cranbrook, the major city in the BC Rockies has excellent mountain biking facilities. Try the moderate Forestry Hill Bypass Trail/Yellow Loop. The Big Hill is technically and physically difficult and Isidore Canyon Trail is easy and perfect for all riders.

The Columbia River Valley at Radium Hot Springs is an easy going and a good way to get a closer look at this area of British Columbia. Hit the high country at Invermere and take to the Panorama Trails, ride the Paradise Mine Trail, Delphine Creek/Glacier Lookout Trail and the Jumbo Creek Trail all are different and range from the moderate to difficult.

Golden, is a picturesque town located in the mountains with some outstanding mountain biking trails where locals take advantage of their area's alpine terrain. Biking you'll enjoy here includes Canyon Creek Loop a moderate to difficult ride, the West Bench Lower Road is an easy trail and the Powerline Descent is for the skilled. Be safe, have fun mountain biking in the BC Rockies.

Adventures & Suppliers in the BC Rockies:

The best way to cycle and to have complete up to date information on trails is to join a cycle club. For information on clubs, activities, rules and regulations contact the Cycling BC office at (604) 737-3034 or visit their web site click here.

For a list of local bike shops, contact the local Chamber of Commerce in each town, they will be pleased to help you out. When out mountain biking the most important thing is to be safe, have fun and respect private property.


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Mountain Biking in the BC Rockies