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British Columbia Trip Planner

BC Accommodations

The BC Adventure Network has been designed to offer you a number of ways to access information. As in real life, a variety of different routes will ultimately arrive at the same destination. Similarly, there are many ways to explore the accommodations that are featured in the BC Adventure Network. Below are some suggestions.
  1. Stay with a BC Adventure Member:

  2. Throughout the BC Adventure Network you will find accommodations listings offered by companies who have chosen to become BC Adventure Network members. Each has created a home page within the network to give you a chance to preview their facilities and to learn about the recreational opportunities available. Our members share a common belief that BC has much to offer visitors, and that in return visitors contribute greatly to our province. Consequently, a warm welcome awaits you at their establishments.

    We are grateful to our members for their support; without it this program would not exist. Please consider them when planning your visit to British Columbia.


    Click here for a complete listing of accommodations offered by our members.

  3. Exploring the Accommodations of each Region:

  4. The accommodations of BC have been assembled in the BC Adventure Network according to the tourism region that they are located in. Click on the region you will be visiting. Then select the 'Lodging & Services' button.

  5. Exploring Accommodations by City:
  6. To access information on a specific city, you can use the search engine, or visit the BC Communities page.

    Accommodations and adventure providers are listed on the city pages. Also, a 'Lodging' link appears on the city pages that will enble you to view all the accommodations of the surrounding region.

  7. Finding Accommodations Quickly:

  8. To quickly access a specific hotel, motel or resort, visit the Search Engine and type in its name. Links will appear to every page in our program that will lead you to it.

Planning a British Columbia vacation?

Book direct from our large selection of accommodations, resorts, tours and adventure companies. . . more info

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British Columbia Trip Planner - Accommodations