Dennis Kaska

Dennis Kaska


Dennis Kaska was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, in the western part of the country which became, after the Velvet Revolution and the well-publicized split, the Czech Republic.

Escaping the Communist Regime

In 1976, while attending the Institute of Economics in Prague, he decided, along with his wife and a group of friends, to sneak out of the country in which the Soviet-backed communist regime was trying to suppress arts and any independent thought.


After the successful defection and a six-month stint in a refugee camp in Austria, he and his wife were accepted as landed immigrants to Canada. Landing first in Hamilton, Ontario, they soon moved to British Columbia in 1977.


They fell in love with B.C. and have been living in Williams Lake area since. Dennis works as an employment counsellor and devotes a lot of time to his family. In his spare time he likes to explore the back country, play guitar, listen to music, read and above all, write.


Dennis has written two novels, All the Bright Sinners and B.C. (A Relativistic Fairy Tale). B.C. will soon be available on-line. It is accompanied by photographs taken by his friend, a Vancouver businessman and photographer, Martin Pytela. Dennis is also the author of the story for children, Raven Lake. Illustrations by the Vancouver artist Robert Altwein. Be sure to read Dennis Kaska's regular column Seasons in the BC Adventure Network.

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