June Stillwater Fly Fishing Strategies for BC Lakes. Fred Curtis

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June Stillwater Fly Fishing Strategies
for BC Lakes

article and flies by Fred Curtis

"Boy" The first day of June has started with a beautiful spring day at the lake!

I have cleaned my dry line in anticipation of the first mayfly nymphs who will soon start their trek to the surface of the lake. A Weighted Pheasant Tail Nymph pattern is attached to 9 feet of leader, and I'm ready for this mornings action.

Later this afternoon it will be time to go after those Lakers (no, not the basketball team) but those largechar feeding near surface in the top 30 feet of the lake. A short leader of about 8lbs. test attached to a Tied Down Minnow pattern should aggravate them into a frenzy. I think I will have to try that new intermediate sink line to get it down to the desired depth.

Between catching and releasing fish, I'll be trying to make up my mind which pattern to use tomorrow for those speedy kokanee. I'll probably end up using that old standby the Silver Backed Shrimp, tied to a nine foot leader with the same sinking line. But, for this job I'll use a lighter tippet.

The water temperature this month will be on the rise and Brookies will be feeding regularly in the shallows. These lines are sure going to get a good workout, tied to a 7 foot leader of about 3lbs. test and worked slowly with my Trimmed Idaho Nymph.

You have to love these spring days. Everything in nature has come back to life: the flowers, the insects, the fish, and the fishermen.


Weighted Pheasant Tail Nymph

Pattern #1
Weighted Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hook - Mustad 9671 10-12-14
Thread - Red
Tail - Pheasant fibres
Body - Pheasant fibres w/ copper wire
Thorax - Peacock herl

Tied Down Minnow (Blue)

Pattern #2
Tied Down Minnow (Blue)

Hook - Mustad 79580 4-6-8
Thread - Black
Tail & Body - Mylar piping
Back - Blue Crystal Flash & Mallard Flank
Head - Black thread with eye painted.

Silver Backed Shrimp

Pattern #3
Silver Backed Shrimp

Hook - Mustad 3906 8-10
Tail - Brown hackle fibres
Body - Orange chenille & palmered brown hackle
Back - Poly Flash or Flashabou
Thread - Orange

Idaho Nymph

Pattern #4
Idaho Nymph
Hook - Mustad 9671 8-10
Body - Black wool & palmered black hackle
Head - Peacock herl
Thread - Black

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June Stillwater Fly Fishing Strategies for BC Lakes. Fred Curtis